List of Top Ten Most Populated Countries in the World

When it comes to the countries with highest population, China, India, and the United States hold the top ranks in the list of Top Ten Most Populated Countries in the world as per 2020 rankings. China and India collectively comprise the population of over a billion citizens. Subsequent to China, and India, the United States stands on third spot with just under 325 million occupants. The BRIC countries (China, India, Russia and Brazil), usually known as the four major evolving economies are  expected to lead in the 21st century and all these stand in the top ten most populous countries which indicates how significant the total size of their residents are to their economic growth. Underneath is the latest ranking list of top 10 largest countries in the world by population size as per 2020 facts and figures.

The ranking list is based on the latest United Nations Population division estimates and comprises both countries and dependent territories.

World’s 10 Most Populated Countries – 2020 Rankings

  1. China

China most populated country

Currently, China has the population of 1,437,161,949 making it the most populated country in the world as per 2020 rankings. According to UN latest figures, China’s population in 2020 is projected at 1,439,323,776 people at mid-year. Having the land area of 9,388,211 Km2, China contributes to 18.47% of world’s entire population. Its population density is 153/km2. However, 60.8 % of the population is living in urban. The median age of Chinese people is 38.4 years.

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