List of Top Ten Richest Children in the World


Being wealthy is the dream of every one living in the world, so people always put their best to stand in the list of world’s wealthiest people. There are a lot of people who are considered richest in the world including men and women. Apart from those people, there is a list of richest children who are considered the top ten richest children in the world. These children belong to various sectors including singers, actors and some are princes who just born into fortune. Whereas some of us were playing in the mud outdoor and crossing our fingers to pass those mid-terms, these children had an entirely different life plan. Just scroll down to find out more about some of these extremely brilliant, lucky, and wealthy children who make this ranking list.

List of Top Ten Richest Children in the World 2020 Ranking


10. Jaylen Bledsoe

Jaylen Bledsoe is tenth richest children in the world

Having the age of 17 years Jaylen Bledsoe is a child who is considered the 10th richest child in the world who is the CEO of his own IT firm named as Jaylen D.  Bledsoe Group. The company had the recent value of 3.5 million dollars and targets to partner with great brands and celebrities in order to uphold and enlarge their brand names. Since then, he has also initiated the ‘Young Entrepreneur University program for the teens. With the help of this great project Jaylen uses his achievement to motivate other teens like him and to rendering them to the entrepreneurship. K Swiss and AT&T are some of his major partnerships. His quickly growing Information Technology firm leads him to the life of internet sensation. With the help of his innovation and passion, his net worth will rise from here.

9. Rico Rodriguez

Rico Rodriguez is ninth richest children in the world

Winning the next spot in this ranking list of richest kids, Rico Rodriguez  was Born in 1998 in Texas USA, who got fame from his role in a popular television show, Modern Family for which he makes a gigantic amount of $70,000 dollars per episode. When he was only six years old, he moved to the Los Angeles along with his family so his older sister (11) could make her dream of an acting career true in the House, iCarly and NCIS. The estimated net worth Rico Rodriguez is around 7 million dollars.

8. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Having the 8th spot in this ranking, Elle Fanning was also born in 1998. Her small fortune started rising when, at the age of three years, she performed the role of a younger style of her sister, Dakota Fanning’s, character in a famous hit movie ‘I am Sam’. She once again played baby Dakota in the movie, Taken, before finally landing her first independent character as Jamie in Daddy Day Care. This was just the start of her job. Her major roles till date have been in Super 8, The Curious Case of Benjamin , We Bought a Zoo and Maleficent. Distinct from many child actors, Elle was frequently contracted for older, extra mature characters due to her long height and unbelievable acting skills. This talent has lead her to numerous awards counting a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award and a Hollywood Film Festival Award. Her estimated net worth is around $5 million.

7. Jayden Smith

Jayden Smith

Winning the third spot in the child millionaires ranking list, Jayden Smith was born in 1998. He is the son of the widely famous Will Smith. Same like his father, he also won the fame from his acting and music careers. His first television entrance was in The Pursuit of Happyness where he featured together with his father and his very initial independent films were The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Karate Kid. Subsequent to these unbelievable hits he featured again with his father in After Earth. Though he was born into a family of actors, he was proposed to the attention though after his film entrance he turned down a path of music. His music occupation started in association with Justin Bieber on the track, Never Say Never before he pronged out on his own to announcement his debut album, Syre. A recent report has shown his net worth amounting at 8 million with a speedy rise.

6. Valentina Paloma Pinault

Valentina Paloma Pinault

Holding the 6th spot in the list of world’s richest children in 2020, Valentina Paloma Pinault  was born in 2007 to a billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault and Hollywood star Salma Hayek. Her lineage of French and Mexican lead her to grow up confidently speaking three different languages which is an achievement in itself and thanks to her parents. Just a year ago, her mother Salma Hayek uploaded a video on social media in which she let Valentina Paloma Pinault give her a bob haircut fascinating even more attraction to the already highlighted family. At this time, her net worth is estimated at $12 million, and that is formerly even the starting a career.

5. Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin

The estimated net worth of 16 million, makes Abigail Breslin the 5th richest children in the world. She is another child star who was born in New York City in 1996. She appeared to TV screen just when she was only three years old. Her very first appearance on TV screen was in a Toys “R” Us Advertisement and has featured in numerous hit movies since. Her major achievement, however, was her role in Little Miss Sunshine for which she won the Best Actress Award and was chosen for an Academy Award. Up till now, she is one of the youngest actresses in the world to ever be selected for an Academy Award. Two years later, in 2008, she was named ShoWest’s Female Star of Tomorrow, prior to be appeared on Broadway. Apart from her fame on the television, she has further collected a variety of songs including Christmas in New York, Hurricane etc.

4. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D’Aloisio is fourth moneyed children in the world

App Summly is an application which let Nick D’Aloisio hold the 4th spot in the list of richest children in the world 2020 rankings. He designed this application when he was only 15 years old. Just after the Two years, this app was purchased by Yahoo for 30 million dollars which made Nick one of the youngest millionaires in the world. After selling his app design, Nick was appointed as a product manager of Yahoo News Digest where he won an Apple Design Award. In spite of having the huge money to restfully retire at the age of 17, Nick resigned from his job at Yahoo in order to study Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University. During his student life, he took up effort as an Entrepreneur in Residence for AirBnb and has proclaimed the advanced release of a new project he is working on which has elevated 30 million in funds now. His existing net worth is at 30 million. Certainly this will quickly change after the announcement of his latest project.

3. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

 Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is third most richest children in the world

Thirteen years old Dannielynn is the only alive child of her late mother Anna Nicole Smith who was very famous for her modelling and reality TV personality. At the time of her birth, tabloids and drama hit the family as her step brother passed away and a court case was initiated in which numerous personalities claimed to be her father. Just after a short span of Five months after her birth, her mother died from the overdose of a prescribed medicine and she was awarded guardianship to her DNA confirmed biological father Larry Birkhead who was a photographer. When she had the age of six years, she took place of her mother as she operated as a model for Guess Kids. She has also performed in several talk shows including Entertainment Tonight as the world trails her awfully provocative life. Her net worth is around at 10 million, most of which is from the heritage of her mother.

2. Moulay Hassan

Moulay Hassan is second richest children in the world

Winning the 2nd rank in the list of world’s richest children, Moulay Hassan (the crown prince of Morocco) was born in 2003. When he was only 14 years old, Hassan appeared on the One Planet Summit along with his father and became an internet sensation. He was the youngest royal to go to the occasion and held himself with prodigious stature while welcoming kings from all over the world. The moderator at the summit made distinct remark to Hassan as he uttered his pleasure in the young royal’s engagement in the justifiable growth program. The estimated net worth of Hassan is amounted to 1 billion dollars which will quickly upsurge afterward he takes the throne.

1.Prince George Alexander Louis

Prince George Alexander Louis is richest children in the world

Born in 2013 Prince George Alexander Louis holds the first spot in the top ten list of richest and youngest children in the world. He is another younger royal prince who holds a spot in the world’s wealthiest children 2020 ranking list. With the age of only 6 years, he already has touched a fortune most of us could only dream or imagine. He is the son of Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. His birth made international NEWS and was extremely awaited all over the world to the point where reporters were camped out about the hospital waiting for that great NEWS. The estimated net worth of Prince George Alexander Louis is estimated at a 3.6 billion making him the richest children in the world.