List of Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World

The world has become more advanced during the last few decades so the humanity could not live without war for ten years in its history of around ten centuries. Wars are waged in various parts of the world. Numerous states have spent unbelievable funds on their armies because an army should always be ready to fight with enemies. Today, all the countries spend over billions of dollars on purchasing most advanced and deadly weapons. Similarly, Millions of people are always ready to fight as military personnel. But which country has the most powerful army in the world? Here is the list of top ten most powerful armies in the world.

List of Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World – 2020 Ranking

10. Japan

japanese army

Officially known as “Self Defense Forces”, the Japanese army stands among world’s most powerful militaries. According to the constitution of the Japan, its army cannot be used outside the country. However, it cannot be stopped from being one of the strongest armies in the world. Japan spends over  $49 billion annually for its army. In its arsenal, the country has over 767 tanks, an aircraft carrier, 16 submarines, and nearly 1,600 aircraft and helicopters.

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