List of Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World

List of top ten strongest armies in the world 2020 ranking

The world has become more advanced during the last few decades so humans could not live without war for ten years in its history of around ten centuries. Wars are waged in various parts of the world. Numerous states have spent unbelievable funds on their armies because an army should always be ready to fight with enemies. Today, all the countries spend over billions of dollars on purchasing the most advanced and deadly weapons. Similarly, Millions of people are always ready to fight as military personnel. But which country has the most powerful army in the world? Here is the list of the top ten strongest armies in the world.

List of Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World – 2020 Ranking

10. Japan

japanese army

Officially known as “Self Defense Forces”, the Japanese army stands among the world’s most powerful militaries. According to the constitution of Japan, its army cannot be used outside the country. However, it cannot be stopped from being one of the strongest armies in the world. Japan spends over  $49 billion annually for its army. In its arsenal, the country has over 767 tanks, an aircraft carrier, 16 submarines, and nearly 1,600 aircraft and helicopters.

9. South Korea

South Korean Military

No one can deny South Korea to have one of the most powerful militaries in the world as it has long been in the state of undeclared war with its North Korean neighbor. Consequently, South Korea must keep its forces on standby in the occurrence of an assault. As per the latest report, around $33 billion is spent annually on its army needs. Its army has about 1490 planes and helicopters, 2350 tanks and 14 submarines. Thanks to its most important supporter, the United States of America. South Korea has very modern and deadly weapons making it one of the superpower countries in the world. It allows the state to wage war at a distance, with slight contact with the enemy.

8. Turkey

Turkish powerful Military

Turkey is one of the most powerful and richest Islamic countries. It has had to demeanor military actions in Kurdistan unceasingly for various decades. Turkey is not only fidgety on the border with Greece, but it also has to engage its troops in the occupied Northern area in Cyprus. Its annual budget on army needs is over $ 1.8 billion. Turkish army possesses around 3,657 tanks (the largest tank group in Europe), 990 helicopters and planes and 14 submarines. It has consisted of armed forces of 720 thousand people making it the world’s 8th strongest army in the world.

7. Germany

world most powerful armies Germany

In the service of the Bundeswehr, there are about, 408 tanks, 710 aircraft of distinct kinds and four submarines, $ 45 billion is spent annually on the military. For a long time, it was very difficult to send the Bundeswehr abroad; however, the corresponding constitutional adjustment was removed in the mid-1990s. The German military can now take part in numerous peace missions. Germany does not concentrate on the number, but on the quality, their training and military weapons.

6. France

French Army

France is one of the few nations in the world that produces a broad range of military weapons. It contributes to the Nuclear Powers Club. It spends $43 billion on its defense sector. The French Army is serving over 1200 planes and helicopters, 423 tanks, 300 nuclear warheads, 10 submarines and an aircraft carrier making it the sixth most powerful army in the world as per 2020 ranking list.

5. Great Britain

Great Britain Military

The fifth spot among the most strongest armies in the world is taken by the British armed forces. The annual expenditure of the British army is around $53 billion. Its army has 908 flying machines, 407 tanks, 225 nuclear warheads, an aircraft carrier and 11 submarines. The British are proud of the Navy. With more than 91 ships, the country is regarded as the second naval power in the world. It has. The Great British spends a lot of money on research and purchasing modern and advanced weapons for their army.

4. India

Indian army stood fourth in top ten list of strongest armies in the world

From the first day of its independence, India is fighting an enduring war with Pakistan in the Himalayan highlands over the province of Kashmir. When it comes to the most populated countries in the world, India holds the second spot in terms of population. Here most of the people are living below the poverty line. However, its army spends around $46 billion annually on its army. The Indian Army has 3600 tanks, 1800 planes and helicopters, 80 to 100 nuclear warheads, 17 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers. It has a deterrent influence on Pakistan; it does not dare to initiate major combat. India’s mobilization standby sums to 620 million people. In terms of population, India is the second next to china.

3. China

in the list of top ten strongest armies in the world china got third position

Today, China is widely recognized as an economic superpower country. It is the most populated country in the world. However, it is also recognized as one of the most powerful countries in terms of military power. As per a recent report, China’s annual military expenditure is around $126 billion, but unofficially – one and a half times more. Its army is officially known as the “People’s Liberation Army”. China has more than 9150 tanks, 250 nuclear warheads, 150 planes and helicopters, 69U boats and an aircraft carrier. China is replacing its outdated weapons with modern machines.

2. Russia

Russian Army is the second strongest army in the world

When it comes to the most powerful countries, Russia holds the second spot next to the United States of America. The Russian army is considered the world’s 2nd most powerful army. Russian government spends over $76 billion every year for its military needs. Furthermore, the annual spending on the Russian military has increased expressively within the last decade. The major force of the Russian army has 15,000 tanks, 8,500 nuclear warheads, 3,100 different aircraft, one aircraft carrier and 63 submarines. Its nuclear warheads include nuclear missiles that have a great capability to destroy the enemy in the World Ocean. In the light of fresh events, spending will increase very abruptly.

1. USA

USA is first in the List of top ten strongest armies in the world 2020 ranking

Winning the first spot in the list of top ten strongest armies in the world, the USA is surely the most powerful country in the world as per the 2020 ranking. The U.S Army has the ability to start a war anywhere on the planet. The United States spends over $612 billion on its army each year which is much more than the sum of the military expenditure of nine other countries in the above countries. The major force of the United States is consisted of over 14,000 aircraft and helicopters, 7,500 nuclear warheads that are always ready to fight, 835 tanks and 10 aircraft carrier combat groups. The main power of the United States that secures it from the threats of military attacks by other powerful countries at the strategic level is its nuclear weapons.