Top 10 Hollywood Movies 2020

As you all well aware about top 10 Hollywood Movies 2019, keeping in mind we have prepared a list of top 10 Hollywood Movies 2020.

10. Beanpole

Beanpole Movie

In the list of top 10 hollywood movies 2020 the Beanpole movie is at No. 10. The dramas are not much darker than Beanpole, the penetrating story of director Kantemir Balagov about the war damage and the extraordinarily high cost of survival. In a 1945 Leningrad still recovering from the end of the Second World War, the lanky Iya (Viktoria Miroshnichenko), also known as the “Beanpole”, works as a nurse, although her military service has put in a state where it temporarily freezes becomes. Iya takes care of Pashka (Timofey Glazkov), the young son of his first line girlfriend Masha (Vasilisa Perelygina), and when Masha seems to recover her child – to learn only from an unthinkable tragedy – their relationship falls apart under the weight of grief, guilt, regret, resentment and need. Cruel blackmail soon turns out to be Masha’s way of dealing with the loss, but healing is rare in this troubled environment. Shot in a vibrating handheld computer and composed alternately, the lungs of director Balagov take a premium on close-ups, to better convey the dizzying fears of his subjects, as decimated as their environment. Hugely abandoned and moving, it is a vision to cripple individual and national PTSD – and ultimately women working together to forge a new future.

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